(And No, I Don’t Believe in Creationism)

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I think we are alone in the Universe.

Many people will argue that, given the sheer size of our galaxy — let alone the observable universe — and the estimated high number of life supporting planets, it’s a near impossibility that there is no other life out there.

That’s an exciting prospect and I was arguing the same way in the past, but I’ve changed my mind.

The reason I changed my mind is the following: As mind-blowingly enormous the observable universe and even our galaxy alone might be, probabilities for the occurrence of possible events can be just as…

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There are situations in which you either want — or are required — to store data in a way that allows to unequivocally prove when exactly this data has been stored or altered.

In this article I will explain what RFC3161 timestamps are and what problem they solve, and will then go on to explain why Git™ provides the perfect architecture to be used together with such timestamps in order to create a tamperproof data repository that can provide the following properties:

  • Authenticity: trusted, non-refutable time when data was added or changed
  • Integrity: protection of the timestamped data as well…

Matthias Bühlmann

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Inventor and Philosopher

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